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Welcome to Hobart Technology

As an Australian-based International Training Organisation (TQM ongoing, the first RTO to be registered in Tasmania), Hobart Technology is focussed on the provision of the highest quality internationally recognised training.

This may be through direct training or through consultation and provision of training by appropriately internationally qualified trainers, who work with our organisation and /or subject experts.

Our primary focus is to support clients in provision of skills, through training and assessment, that will complement and enhance their HRD outcomes and targets. This is achieved through assurance of the quality of the training being at an internationally recognised standard.

Hobart Technology personnel have many years of international training and workplace experience. We aim to be totally flexible and responsive to our clients' needs through operating an organisation that is not restricted by large bureaucracies and can access international experts and training programs as required.

According to our clients, our focus on quality and responsiveness is unprecedented and refreshing in an environment where bureaucracy tends to focus too much on process rather than client outcomes. Hobart Technology, through its wide range of quality contacts, linkages and experiences, encourages clients seeking quality training outcomes to contact us for appraisals and recommendations.

We have considerable experience in Indonesia and PNG developed over many years by the principals of this Organisation, and more recently through our partnership with the State Polytechnic of Malang and clientele among major mining and power industries. 
Tasmanian Teacher Registration Number 18418 Specialist VET Teacher, WWWVP Registration #912604550 As an international vocational training and education organisation we provide vocational programmes and issue testamurs based on international standards that are internationally recognised. 

We provide to clients

  • Workplace performance appraisals.
  • Training needs analysis.
  • Customisation of National Australian Training packages.
  • Development of training and assessment systems.
  • Delivery and assessment of National Training packages.
  • Training materials.
  • Professional development strategies.
  • Evaluation of training programs and assessment strategies.